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Matte Teflon Nickel Plated


Item #104

$29.95 *

****Due to the media coverage of the 80th Anniversary knife we have experienced a high volume of orders, and we are temporarily out of stock of the Traveler.*****

If you are willing to wait for a beautifully handcrafted knife made in the USA, please check our website in January for updates.

We value your business.  Our handmade knives  are the perfect gift.

Each knife is individually hand made with the original equipment from 1936.  There are 52+ operations to complete knives.

Your purchase allows us to continue manufacturing "The handiest pocket knife ever designed."


Randy Christy
Christy Knife Company LLC





A great addition with a matte finish for a smooth touch.

The new Traveler is our frist knife with matte plating. Its matte handle differentiates from all our other knives.

Knife Dimensions

Body:  3 3/8"L
Blade Fully Extended: 1 7/8" L
Blade: 3/8" x .025 Thick - Surgical Stainless Steel

We assemble each knife individually by hand using the original equipment from 1936. For more information on the Christy Sliding Blade Pocket Knife please refer to our > "About" section.